img_0746I’m a writer and editor who wants to dedicate this space to women who have experienced the end of a relationship, and desire to start over, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

My personal journey began in the fall of 2013, when my husband of 20+ years took me for a walk and told me he no longer loved me. Eight months later I stumbled across a hotel bill, and discovered the truth. He was having an affair.

Over those eight months before my discovery, he lied to me repeatedly to cover his tracks. He deceived our son. He deceived our church. He deceived his dad and siblings. He took thousands of dollars out of our IRA to pay off a huge debt he had hidden from me. The betrayal and deception wreaked havoc on me mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. At one very low point, I considered taking my life. But then…

I took back the power he had stripped from me. I cut him out of my life, bought my own home, which I have nicknamed my “house of peace,” and began my healing journey. During this time, I joined a Divorce Care class at a local church. This program changed my life, because through it I met women who are now some of my best friends. We call ourselves the “divas.” This blog is inspired by them.

If there’s one thing the divas and I have learned it’s this – there is hope and peace on the other side of the all pain and chaos. The end of a relationship is the start of a new life, I promise.